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"Elohim Education Center " in Pakistan.

Here is some of the good reason 

to give to Pakistan for Christain School  


Pakistan is an Islamic state with its capital at Islamabad. 97% population is of fundamental Muslims; the rest is made up of 2% Christians and 1% of Buddhists, Hindus, out of 140 million, 2.8 million are Christians

22.8 million kids do not go to school and aren't educated. Most of the Christan kids cant attend schools There are two reasons.


1. Most of the schools are Muslim public.

 (In Public Schools Christians don't feel safe and they get mistreated because they are Christian So the Christian parents don't feel safe to send the kids to public schools  )


2. Private Schools 

(Private Schools are owned by Catholic and Cathedral and are owned by private people. But the costly fee is very high every month. Also getting admission is very hard in private schools.

I. very expensive II. Also, need to be referred buy high profile person 


God gave us the opportunity to visit Pakistan last October where we saw beautiful Christian kids. we saw there empty eyes looking for hope for the future


We need your help to give this education and a better life with an educated one by making an all Christain School over there


All donation will be tax deductible

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